Monday, June 20, 2011

GSoC 2011 progress lately

I haven't had an update for a while, mostly because a childbirth and related affairs have kept me busy these days. I think I'm quite back on track again and started doing the more annoying work. I think the commits might become a bit larger so I'm keeping them in the gsoc11 branch from now on.

I looked at the problem I mentioned last time about XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELS missing and xmms_stream_type_coerce failing. In case of pulse this is not an issue, because pulse accepts input data with any samplerate and therefore converter plugin never gets into the picture. However one can simply define some rather uncommon samplerate into the pulse plugin (like 48000) and suddenly all files will fail. There are tests for coerce and I should extend them to include some more multichannel support.

I've also added initial support for XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELMASK and added a helper function that can be used to get the default channel mask for audio streams that have from 1 to 6 channels to help the transition. All existing plugins will have the channel mask XMMS_CHANNEL_MASK_UNDEFINED which should be mapped to the correct mask in the output. If the channels are in wrong order, the decoder should fix the order before outputting data.

I have the multichannel wave plugin almost finished, now I should just adapt it to use the new channel mask and make sure that it gets transferred to output correctly. The coerce function for converter should also be modified to take the channel mask into account, that might be slightly complicated.

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