Saturday, May 28, 2011

Start of actual GSoC time and TODO

I got my welcome package (pretty pathetic but nice notebook, pen and sticker again) from Google and the GSoC has officially started this Monday. This means I should write some kind of list for myself to keep in order what I am going to do in the near future and in which order.

The most important feature is the channel mask that is missing and this will require a quite big commit. There are also some strange things that are working, but are a bit weird. For example the pulse output plugin doesn't set any XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELS in its goal types (quite recent change) and xmms_stream_type_coerce skips all the output goals that don't have XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELS. Looking at the code, nothing should be selected as the best option, but I'm missing something and a goal type gets selected anyway. I'll run it through the debugger just to find out what am I missing here.

After I've figured out how the output goal type is selected properly I should add XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELMASK to the headers and streamtype.c. It should be noted that some places use XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELS but they don't have to care about XMMS_STREAM_TYPE_FMT_CHANNELMASK, because they only want to know the number of channels. Those two should probably have to be kept in sync somehow though.

I think this should be enough work for a while, and I would really want to have a usable patch to be pushed upstream before starting to work on any of the other stuff. (multichannel wav files, converter) This is the basis of most of the multichannel support anyway.

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